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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

GraphPad Prism is a highly efficient tool capable of doing all mathematical calculations as well as graphical plotting such as curve fitting. It’s not just an ordinary application that makes plotting easier, but also a powerful one that can be utilized even for the superior purposes such as scientific graphics.

Even the way of its operation is very convenient as it serves as a walkthrough for the new user making the job lot easier.
So with the help of GraphPad, the user doesn’t need to learn the application beforehand but can rather use it easily straight away.

Designed for suiting all statistical purposes, GraphPad is capable of plotting bar graphs, charts, pie diagrams and lot more, making the work of the user much simpler. Results of all the calculations are displayed in graphical form, making it even easier to understand and compare with previous results too.

Overall a superior quality, easy to use and handle, multi-functional tool having great capabilities to perform basic bio-statistical as well as scientific operations without requiring any pre-requisites from the user to learn its operation. Indeed, a good alternative to MS Excel for statistical purposes.


  • Basic biostatistics, curve fitting and scientific graphing


  • Does not run under Windows 3.1, 95, 98 or Windows NT

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    shaheen 5 days ago

    It is user-friendly software. It is convenient to use even for the starting learners.

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    hala Last month

    Download free Prism 5.

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    mrunal kadam Last month

    How to download this?


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